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The business world is a fierce one, there are many competitors out there who are offering the same product or service you do. How to become the preference of your target customers? Well there are many things you can do but one of them is having a great banner that ir will attract your potential customers.

That’s why here at Rayacom in Calgary we have a few suggestions of what a elements would make a banner a great one!

Make It Attractive
You only have a few seconds to attract your target’s attention if they turn their heads and they like what they see you will trigger their curiosity. Remember that it has to be eye catching yet don’t add too much elements that could get your customer confused.

Have a Great Copy
In this case briefness is a virtue! Keep your text short and simple, remember that all you need is a couple of seconds. If they see what they read and see, they will approach for more information.

It Must Relate To Your Product
This is a simple one yet often overlooked if your product has to do with pets include a bone or a dog that relates to what you sell. This may sound silly but we have seen terrible examples of this!

Include Your Information
Your company’s name, logo and website should be visible at all times. Yes, this one also sounds  silly but people need to know who is behind that product and where they can find more information!

As you can see these simple ideas can make you banner from being completely unnoticed to attract a potential customer! So keep them in mind!

Remember that if you are printing in Calgary try Rayacom! We have a superb printing quality that will make all your banner, business card or any other marketing strategy look great!