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We know how hard you’ve worked choosing the right shapes and colors of your design. it’s not an easy task, specially when you want to transmit the exact impression you want from your company and products. 

But have you ever thought how a large brand manages to keep the same image through all of its products, website and facilities. How that red in that soda company has a consistent look here and in India? Well, that’s how Pantone can help you! 

What is Pantone?
Pantone is very well known in a wide range of industries as an standardized set of colors that can be reproduced by having the series of numbers each color is assigned. That way, instead of saying an ambiguous color like ‘teal’ or ‘light red’ you can refer to a the numbers of an exact color and different persons in different locations will know which color you are using. 

There are 1,677 colors at the Pantone color guide! Each one of them is identifiable by 3 or 4 numbers plus a letter which indicate how they will look printed in coated paper (C), uncoated paper (U) and Matte paper (M)    

How it started
It all began when a commercial printing company hired Lawrence Herbert, who using his expertise in chemistry was able to simplify the pigments and inks of the company. Eventually, he ended up buying the company and named it Pantone.  

Colors of the year
Every year a color is chosen based on fashion, artistic productions such as movies, sports, technology and other socioeconomic factors. On 2013 the winning color was esmeral and for 2014 “Radian orchid”, which is a tone of purple was picked. 

Pantone offers a consistent reference in ink colors for every industry. Here at Rayacom, it doesn’t matter if you are using Pantone or your gut, if you areprinting in Calgary we offer a superior quality for all your marketing and promotion needs!