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Print in Calgary! At Rayacom Calgary, we know that advertising is at your company’s heart. There’s no way to get to the clients without it. How else are they supposed to know you? But as you know, there’s good advertising and bad advertising. And of course, you want to give a good impression to your potential customers. So here are some tips that will make your advertisements both interesting and effective.

Know your customer: There’s no better way to get to your target customers than knowing who they are and what they’re looking for. So keep them in mind when you're developing your ad. The ad has to be appealing to your audience. If your target consumers are kids, don’t forget that they tend to be over-stimulated, meaning you will need to grab their attention using lots of colors and images. Teenagers and young adults prefer humor and are highly influenced by trends. Adults will be more discerning and respond to quality and content.

Create a catchy tagline: Taglines have to be short and simple, that makes them easier to be remembered. They should grab consumers’ attention and convince them that your product is different from everyone else’s. Rhymes, humor, plays on words, metaphors, alliterations are some effective ways to make catchy taglines.

Be original and creative: Good advertisements are always memorable. If you use the same advertising phrase everyone uses, you won’t stand out, and if you don’t stand out, you’re just one of the bunch. Why would people think you’re different? Startle the reader. But be careful, there’s a thin line between controversial and entertaining.

Be persuasive: Persuasion is all about convincing people, in this case, convincing them your product or service can solve their problems, make their lives easier, satisfy their needs or desires. In order to persuade your consumer, you have to build a message that highlights the features of your product or service and the benefits it brings to the prospective customer.

Use relevant information: Provide useful information, such as your location, phone number, or website in order to let consumers have access to your product. If you're advertising an event, include the location, date, time and ticket price. Always remember to be clear, simple and concise.

Use strong visuals: We can talk a lot about what to write, but what really captures people's attention, are the visuals. Choose a memorable image and the correct colors for your ad. Colors can be quite powerful and can help you elicit a particular response or convey a specific mood or tone. For instance, red invokes feelings of excitement and passion; yellow is cautionary and used to give warning; blue is cool and authoritative; and green is reassuring. So when creating a print ad, it is important that the psychology of color is kept in mind and that the use of color is consistent with your goals.

Choose the correct place and time to publish your ad: This will depend on your target customers. You have to think of a place and a time in which you can get the most exposure to them. You might need to make some demographic research in order to get the best results.

And of course, the last but not the least, print your ads with the best, print in Calgary with Rayacom Calgary! The Print & Design professionals! We use the most advanced digital print equipment on the market and for the most affordable prices! Contact us now!