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It’s no secret that waste is a big problem: we produce so much trash on a daily basis that there’s a garbage island the size of Texas floating around the Pacific! Still, as you know, there are things we can do about it, and using recycled paper is one of them!

Which is why the Rayacom in Calgary will give you a few reasons why you should hop into the “recycled paper train”. Hopefully, with these facts, you’ll be encouraged to recycle, reuse, and reduce, at the same time as opting for recycled paper for your printing needs!

Why should you use recycled paper?

Do it for the Trees!
Trees are living things that not only make a scenery look pretty: they also help produce oxygen and they’re the natural habitat for countless life forms. Sadly, thousands of them are chopped down each day to make new paper.

To Save Up
Trees aren’t the only ones affected here: water, space, ecosystems, money, and energy are also used up to manufacture paper. By resorting to the recycled kind, you’ll also be saving a bunch of the world’s resources! 

They Do the Job
Recycled paper will get your message across just right! Like regular paper, they provide great quality, a great range of colors, thickness, length and width, meaning that you can get the same result with significantly less damage.

For the Generations to Come
Of course! Taking care of our natural resources now means a better world for our descendants. Remember that this isn’t just our world! We need to take care of it right so the next living things (from animals and plants to our own children) can enjoy it too.

It Helps Keeps the Industry Going
Obviously, the more you support the cause by resorting to recycled paper instead of the regular kind, the more sustainable their production will be. At the end of the day, each industry needs money to keep going, so by using recycled paper, you’re helping this project!

Remember that if your business needs design or printing in Calgary, you can come down to Rayacom! We have everything you need (including an environmentally conscious option) to get your message out into the world!